“Pulling Back – Early Memories” is a series of 3 expressive abstract sketches that relate the drawing process and subject matter. From a technical standpoint the art stresses pulling back on the amount of medium used, to let the early version of the artwork show. A “sketch”. To me, this feels like a very vulnerable time for a drawing, mostly because I have to accept early mistakes and can’t cover them up… easily. 😉

The drawings also relate to pulling back early memories from childhood, specifically some of the first confusing emotions I felt in life. Again, vulnerability and childhood go hand in hand, and it’s a time when a lot of mistakes happen, which are hopefully enjoyed and accepted as a necessary part of life in order to learn and grow. Or at least I try to maintain that attitude now a days. 😉

Each drawing/painting was sketched with paint pens, watercolor, and portions of each drawing have gloss varnish and neon-tinted color applied, which do not translate to the digital reproductions. Specifically the candy, tears, and drool in the 2nd drawing, and the red balloon in the 3rd drawing are shiny and glossy.

Abstract Expressive Drawing and Painting of an Angry Face with Butterfly Wings

Abstract Expressive Drawing and Painting of Sad and Conflicted Faces and Piece of Red Candy

Expressive Abstract Painting and Drawing of a Blue Face with a Red Balloon Sketched with Watercolor and Paint Pen

Pulling Back – Early Memories | Sketches of Faces and Childhood Emotions