These three pen sketches and drawings of women’s portraits were drawn in 2002. Each portrait was drawn in a unique style, using pen with washes of water, and grey marker. The first woman’s face uses the grey marker to block in abstract shadows and shapes, giving the impression of a bright light source. The second portrait is a girl with her eyes closed, sketched with shakily drawn lines and a wash of water to add shadows and soften the image. The third portrait drawing utilizes bigger shapes of darker ink to block in eye shadow and hair. The contrast of the stark white of the paper with the deep shadows pop the face forward on the page. Also, the relatively accurate placement of facial features helps to define the structure of the face with minimal value changes and shading.

A Portrait Pen Sketch of a Woman

A Pen Drawing of a Woman’s Portrait

A Portrait Pen Drawing of a Woman

Portrait Pen Sketches and Drawings of Women