These are 2 portrait drawings, one sketch of a male and one sketch of a female. Both portrait drawings were sketched with black pen in the year 1999. The drawing of the woman’s face uses minimal lines to highlight the placement of the most recognizable features of the face, like the eyes, nose, mouth, and hair. No outlines were used to define the structure of the face or jaw, which allows the drawing to breathe a little more than usual.

The portrait of the man was drawn similarly, with minimal lines, and sparse definition of facial features. More attention was paid to the shadows and lines of his suit in order to contrast with the open face. And the piercing eyes of both the man and woman were drawn with tiny pupils to enhance their minimalistic cold gaze. Very little value was used as well, with minimal washes of water applied to soften some the hard pen lines in both portrait sketches.

Pen Sketch of a Female Portrait Drawing

Pen Sketch of a Male Portrait Drawing

Pen Sketches, Male and Female Portraits