These four pen and ink drawings and sketches are portraits of women. Each woman’s face is uniquely drawn with minimal pen strokes, in order to accentuate areas of focus. For example, particular attention was paid to eyes, since those are usually the first parts of each female’s face to be sketched. And the eyes help to connect the viewer to the subject. Fragile pen lines were then used to sketch in the nose, mouth, and loose wisps of hair. In some drawings the hair is long and flowing like a cascading waterfall. Eyebrows also help to reinforce expression in each female portrait. A light wash of water was used to soften the edges of many crisp pen strokes, and helps give each lady a soft aura with strong piercing eyes. Each portrait drawing also evokes a different feeling, depending on whether or not the expression comes across as vacant or in some cases more genuine.

Pen & Ink Portrait Drawing of a Woman’s Face

Pen & Ink Portrait Sketch of a Woman

Pen & Ink Portrait Drawing of a Woman

Pen & Ink Portrait Sketch of a Girl

Pen & Ink Portrait Drawings & Sketches of Women