This is an original drawing / painting of a hippopotamus, or “hippo” for short. It’s a mix between a drawing and a painting, because parts of the hippo are drawn with pen and markers, and other parts are painted with paint pens and watercolor. Thin blue pen lines were used to sketch the initial drawing of the hippo, and other layers of marker and ink were applied after that. Washes of plain water and muted watercolors were then painted over the marker, which adds subtle gradients and shadows to the painting. Some of the lines were blurred, but a second layer of markers was then used to sharpen the drawing back into focus. Stark contrast between the bold black lines and pale colors adds tension to the drawing. Lastly, silver and white paint pens were used to add highlights, and shimmering specs of paint help to lead the eye of the viewer around the hippo. Unfortunately the effect does not translate well to digital reproductions of the drawing / painting.

Original Drawing / Painting of a Hippopotamus, or Hippo for short

Original Hippo Drawing / Painting