The following 3 drawings and paintings are stylized portraits of pop singer Nelly Furtado. Commonly referred to as “Fan Art”, these three artworks attempt to express a new interpretation of an image, to the point where the popularity of the subject comes second to the art itself.

The first drawing is in Pen & Ink, utilizing minimal lines and the white of the paper to create a striking and delicate portrait. The second drawing was done in pen, and painted with watercolors. Bright, vivid colors contrast with the heavy winter jacket and cold, pale look on her face. The warm and cool color washes mixed with crisp black lines help to create the tension. The third portrait drawing was sketched with quick energetic lines in pen. Conversely to the previous drawing, warm watercolors where used on the face, and cool blue colors highlight the enveloping environment around her. In the face, contrasting solid white and hard black lines help to keep focus and attention amidst the tension and chaos.

Fan Art, Pen Drawing of Nelly Furtado

Watercolor painting of Nelly Furtado

Watercolor Painting of Nelly Furtado, Fan Art

Nelly Furtado “Fan Art” Drawings & Paintings