The following artworks are similar drawings and paintings of a burro with two children reaching for its fur in the sunlight.

The first is a 9″x12″ painting/drawing created with watercolors, oil pastels, colored pencils, pens, markers, and acrylic paint. The painting is full of color as nature’s energy surrounds the two children and the burro, bathed in light, sharing a moment together of innate curiosity and companionship.

The second artwork is a 9″x12″ drawing created with colored pencils. The drawing focuses primarily on the relationship between four subjects; the burro, two children, and bright warm light emanating throughout.

Burro with Children | Painting
Burro with Children

Burro with Children in Sunlight | Drawin| Drawing
Burro with Children in Sunlight

Drawing and Painting of a Burro with Children