I have always been fascinated with Concept Art. The level of artistic expertise one must have to achieve quality work and actually get paid to draw is astounding. There are many people who dream of achieving this goal, but few succeed. One resource to help get you there is a website called ConceptArt.org. It’s chock full of inspiration, ideas, and the community you’ll need to get you started in your career of being a concept artist. They even have regular concept art workshops with industry professionals.

I attended one of the concept art workshops, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed, and glad I went. I was able to see all my concept art heroes paint, draw, and sculpt right before my eyes. It was magical the way their art springs to life in mere seconds, and a great learning experience. I would also highly recommend perusing the professional art galleries to get an idea of the high caliber work that your concept art peers are creating. And don’t be afraid to post some concept art of your own, as constructive criticism is readily available for everyone.

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