The Artist Challenge – A Private Art Club

During the summer of 2008, an interesting concept in online art developed between me and fellow artist Vikki North. An “art challenge” was proposed based on a theme or topic, and we both produced interpretive artwork in our respective styles and mediums. The result was overwhelmingly successful, I enjoyed the personal growth as an artist, and the response to the artwork was encouraging.

The Artist Challenge - A Private Art ClubThe experience instilled a desire to make art challenges more inclusive and accessible to artists and art patrons. And with that in mind, I’d like to present the culmination of our recent joint effort: “The Artist Challenge!”

The concept is still the same; a theme or topic is proposed, create your own unique work of art and interpretation of the theme, submit your work to the site, and we’ll share the many inspiring perspectives for all the world to see. We even link back to your site so visitors or art patrons can learn more about you and your artwork!

Additionally, we’ll be moderating a knowledgeable and fun filled forum “Dante’s Pub” that will eventually be made private for contributing artists only.

So are you ready to take the art challenge?!

The first challenge has a final due date of February 14th, and the theme is: UNREQUITED LOVE! Perfect for February. 😉

Stop by The Artist Challenge for more information, view previous challenge galleries, register a forum account, and we’ll see you in the Pub!

Bio Artist Sydney Strahan | Gemstone Paintings Gallery

21st century advances in technology have opened new windows to the world around us that have enabled artists to dive deeper into the heart of matter than ever before. Whether it’s through the use of microscopes to see cells and molecules, or telescopes to see distant planets and galaxies, or in this case, through the use of advanced drilling techniques to reach precious stones, gems, minerals, and core-sample cross sections of Earth, artists are there to explore. And bio artist Sydney Strahan has emerged with fascinating works of art that reflect the nuances and intimate spaces of the layered world that sustains us. Her art is at the same time capable because of this moment of technological advance, yet transcends the millenia of time from whence its inspiration and the art itself was born.

Sydney has created amazingly vibrant paintings from core-sample cross sections of microscopically thin layers of Earth. By working with expert Geologists, a variety of interesting rocks and stones offered a visual point of departure for her art work.

From her artist biography:

Sydney Strahan is a graduate of Texas Christian University with a double major in Painting and Printmaking, as well as a life-long explorer of the arts in creativity, movement, and spirituality.

Coinciding with a current movement in art known as Bio-Art; art inspired by biological mechanisms, Sydney’s work specifically relates to the exploration of life sciences that examine a human connection to living systems.

Additionally, view her beautiful Gemstone Paintings Gallery for more examples of lush art that is reminiscent of worlds within worlds, once hidden deep within the Earth and now available for all too see.

Concept Art Forum

I have always been fascinated with Concept Art. The level of artistic expertise one must have to achieve quality work and actually get paid to draw is astounding. There are many people who dream of achieving this goal, but few succeed. One resource to help get you there is a website called It’s chock full of inspiration, ideas, and the community you’ll need to get you started in your career of being a concept artist. They even have regular concept art workshops with industry professionals.

Surreal Art Collective

The beinArt Surreal Art Collective is worth a look for anybody interested in surrealist art, abstract surrealism, or ideas in image form that go beyond conventional ways of thinking. The herd instinct and mentality that permeates society is cast off or interpreted in a unique way that surrealism relishes in exploring. This exemplary showcase of surrealist artists is stunning, and one would be hard pressed to find a more exotic collection of unique images brought together by so many artists in one place.

Kinetic Scuplture Artist

One of the most original and innovative artists I have ever seen is a kinetic sculpture artist from Holland named Theo Jansen. His thoughts about using genetic algorithms to create a new nature of roaming artificial life on the beach make for an interesting topic of conversation. Wired Magazine even has an article about Theo’s mechanical sculptures, and the pictures and videos of the beach animals are a unique site to behold.

Comic Book Artist

There was a recent article submitted to about a relatively unknown artist’s interpretation of The Simpsons and Futurama characters drawn in an anime style. The works of art were met with thunderous adoration from fans and artists alike, and it seems Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, enjoyed viewing the art as well.

The artist, Nina Sachie Matsumoto, became an online celebrity within a few days and has now been hired by Matt Groening’s comic book company, Bongo Comics.