Lion Drawing at InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile

RAWRSOME! I’m pleased to announce that my charcoal “Lion” drawing is a permanent 5’x5′ textured, shimmering wall installation in all 23 elevator lobbies of the InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile. did a full write-up about the artwork as part of the hotel’s 2013 renovation, however, the article’s author, Andrew Bender, didn’t include my name as the artist of the artwork. I contacted Andrew requesting a reference by name, but have not received a reply.

Original charcoal artwork: Lion
Date Drawn: 2006
Dimensions (HxW): 14″ x 11″
Charcoal Lion Drawing

The completed elevator lobby installation featuring my artwork. It’s an honor for me, and I think it looks neat in-person. The whole thing shimmers.
"Lion" artwork in all 23 elevator lobbies of the InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile

Tom Brassell, Digitally Imaged Surfaces Consultant, created a photographic blog post about creating the wall installation from the original lion artwork.

100 Abstracts – Collage of Artwork

Photo collage of 100 Abstracts; artwork over a period of about 15 years. The abstract artworks were created in a variety of styles and mediums including paints, charcoal & pastels, pen & ink and digital. Styles include abstract impressionism, expressionism, surrealism and blends of expressive techniques. The drawings and paintings range in size from a few inches to several meters.

[caption id="attachment_1920" align="alignnone" width="678"]100 Abstracts - Collage of Artwork 100 Abstracts – Collage of Artwork[/caption]

The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology Artwork

Phase 1 of the new website for the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology went Live today! I am excited because I had the opportunity to create artwork for the Museum, Library, Archives, Famous Patients, and more! This is just the beginning too! Check it out if you have an interest in art or the miracle of modern medicine made possible by the amazing advances in anesthesia drugs and techniques over the past century.

Portrait of an Anesthesiologist, Drawing and Painting
Portrait of an Anesthesiologist

The following time-lapse video shows the drawing/painting process for a portrait of Dr. Paul M. Wood. Visit the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology to view the final portrait and more artwork.

The Artist Challenge – A Private Art Club

During the summer of 2008, an interesting concept in online art developed between me and fellow artist Vikki North. An “art challenge” was proposed based on a theme or topic, and we both produced interpretive artwork in our respective styles and mediums. The result was overwhelmingly successful, I enjoyed the personal growth as an artist, and the response to the artwork was encouraging.

The Artist Challenge - A Private Art ClubThe experience instilled a desire to make art challenges more inclusive and accessible to artists and art patrons. And with that in mind, I’d like to present the culmination of our recent joint effort: “The Artist Challenge!”

The concept is still the same; a theme or topic is proposed, create your own unique work of art and interpretation of the theme, submit your work to the site, and we’ll share the many inspiring perspectives for all the world to see. We even link back to your site so visitors or art patrons can learn more about you and your artwork!

Additionally, we’ll be moderating a knowledgeable and fun filled forum “Dante’s Pub” that will eventually be made private for contributing artists only.

So are you ready to take the art challenge?!

The first challenge has a final due date of February 14th, and the theme is: UNREQUITED LOVE! Perfect for February. 😉

Stop by The Artist Challenge for more information, view previous challenge galleries, register a forum account, and we’ll see you in the Pub!

Faces in Mind – How I Draw Faces

Some days before I draw, I close my eyes and breathe until I’m close to a kundalini state of mind, and I start to see amazing faces of all kinds. Barely captured in the artwork, the faces are so real, so unlike anything in this world, it feels like more than just imagination. Like my eyes have to close to this world in order to open in another.

There is a gamut of emotions they express, extreme details, and some that seem to embody the very essence of words like “beauty”, “evil”, “fun”, and some… I don’t think there are words to express what they are. I’m not consciously controlling the faces, they move, come, and go on their own, but I’ve never seen them before with my eyes open, and I don’t know where they come from.

I drew a picture that echoes the experience.

Faces in Mind - Drawing of a person with abstract faces overflowing from the head

New Approach

I just wanted to post that I’ll be taking a new approach to this art blog. Instead of increasing the number of existing art galleries on the site, I’m going to post daily sketches and completed art works here in the blog. Basically it’s just easier to maintain and feels like a more organic and consistent method of publishing my art.

Existing blog entries will be categorized in a new section entitled “Out In the World of Art“, and the new posts will begin soon. Enjoy.

Welcome to the Art Blog! is continuing its commitment to showcasing artists, art news, and inspiring galleries and art found online. I have added this art blog as a way to conveniently keep you updated, informed, and share little gems of amazing artwork that exist all around the planet. I hope you will be as excited as I am about the treasures in store for you, so bookmark this blog and stop back soon to see the wonders of the online art world.