100 Abstracts – Collage of Artwork

Photo collage of 100 Abstracts; artwork over a period of about 15 years. The abstract artworks were created in a variety of styles and mediums including paints, charcoal & pastels, pen & ink and digital. Styles include abstract impressionism, expressionism, surrealism and blends of expressive techniques. The drawings and paintings range in size from a few inches to several meters.

[caption id="attachment_1920" align="alignnone" width="678"]100 Abstracts - Collage of Artwork 100 Abstracts – Collage of Artwork[/caption]

Untitled Abstract Art

The following abstract artwork is “Untitled”. The size is approximately 5’x6′, created with a mix of charcoal and acrylic paints. I thought for a few minutes between each brush stroke. I paced myself, letting the next action flow naturally rather than forcing a preconceived idea of what I wanted to paint. If nothing came to mind, I didn’t paint. After a while, nothing called me to put more paint on the paper. So I took a picture and set it aside.

I like the way the painting keeps my eye moving through it… searching.

Portraits, Spring 2011

These are portraits. The 9″x12″ artworks were drawn and painted in 2011 with a variety of mediums. The first portrait, entitled “Portrait”, was drawn with pens, oil pastels, paint pens, watercolors, and gouache. The second self-portrait, entitled “Uneasy Portrait”, was drawn with colored pencils, oil pastels, and watercolors.

Unique layering and coloring techniques were used in each self-portrait in order to create interesting visual styles. For example, watercolors are painted over naturally repelling oil pastels to create an uneasy imbalance of organically flowing swirls and pooling colors amidst irrepressible lines.


Uneasy Portrait

Related Artwork
This is a previous 9″x12″ portrait created as part of the Rainbow Color Portraits – Series 1.

Portrait - Rainbow Color Portraits - Series 1

Abstract Drawing of a Man

This is an abstract drawing of a man lying down. The 9″x12″ abstract artwork was created in 2011 with a variety of mediums, including pens, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, and gouache. The man was initially sketched with pens and colored pencils. Layers of watercolor, oil pastel, and gouache were then applied to create interesting lines, shapes, and pools of color that flow from the subject and help connect the man to the foreground and background.

Abstract Drawing of a Man

Abstract Drawing of a Woman

This is an abstract drawing of a woman stretching. The 9″x12″ abstract artwork was created in 2011 with a variety of mediums, including pens, colored pencils, oil pastels, paint markers, watercolors, and gouache. The woman was initially drawn with pens and colored pencils. A mix of watercolors, oil pastels, paint markers, and gouache were then added to the sketch. Bold colors, expressive lines, and unique shapes and shadows help to create a high contrast and dynamic drawing of a woman.

Abstract Drawing of a Woman

Spectrum | Drawing of Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

This artwork is entitled “Spectrum”. The 9″x12″ artwork was created in 2011 with markers, pens, watercolors, paint pens, crayons, and acrylics. The abstract artwork consists of a spectrum of non-traditional colors, textures, and mediums drawn vertically on the paper. A pen was then used to draw closed eyes, a nose, and a mouth over the spectrum.

Spectrum - Drawing of Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

Abstract Art Face

This is an abstract drawing and painting of a face. The 9″x12″ abstract art was created in 2011 with a variety of mediums, including paint pens, colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, acrylics, oil pastels, markers, pens, and gouache. Expressive application of vibrant colors, meandering lines, and layered white space mix to create a determined facial expression forming on the paper.

Abstract Art Face

Drawing of a Car | Lamborghini Reventón

“Lamborghini Reventón” is a 9″x12″ drawing of a car named the Lamborghini Reventón. The artwork was created with pens, markers, paint pens, oil pastels, watercolors, gouaches, and acrylic paint. Contrasting colors and expressive lines help to add movement and shape to the foreground, car, and background. The mid-engine sports car is the most expensive Lamborghini road car as of 2007, costing one million euros (~US$1.31 million, or ~£840,000).

Lamborghini Reventon | Painting and Drawing of a Car

Art Challenge #5 – Unrequited Love | Abstract Faces Drawings and Paintings

The Artist Challenge is well underway, with new artists joining every day! The project was started by artist Vikki North and I by challenging each other to create artwork based on a particular theme. This is my submission for Art Challenge #5 – Unrequited Love.

The first artwork is my submission, “Face of Unrequited Love 01”. The abstract face drawing/painting is approximately 11″x14″, drawn and painted with pens, markers, colored pencils, and watercolors on paper. The accompanying video shows the drawing and painting process in a time lapse format. The face was initially sketched with pen and markers. Washes of water and watercolor softened the portrait, followed by thick markers, and more watercolor washes, details, and highlights.

Drawing / Painting of a Face of Unrequitted Love 01 | Abstract Portrait of a Man

Pen Drawing of the Eyes of a Broken Heart - Face of Unrequited Love 01, Detail

The second portrait drawing is entitled “Face of Unrequited Love 02”. This abstract face drawing/painting is approximately 9″x12″, drawn and painted with pens, markers, colored pencils, and watercolors on paper. There is an accompanying video that shows the drawing and painting process in a time lapse format. It shows a similar sketching and painting process from start to finish.

Drawing / Painting of a Face of Unrequitted Love 02 | Abstract Portrait of a Man

Abstract Drawing of Clarity

Expression without fear is often followed by more self awareness for me. Whether it’s through music, writing, dance, visual art, talking, or some other type of introspective activity, it helps me reach a new perspective about my life. I feel like I have some clarity. The drawing below is an abstract representation of a part of the process. The artwork is drawn on two sheets of 12″x9″ card stock paper, with pens, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and paint pens.

Abstract Impressionist Drawing of the Feeling of Clarity

Abstract Impressionist Painting of the Feeling of Clarity, Part 1

Abstract Impressionist Painting of the Feeling of Clarity, Part 2

Abstract Painting | Acrylic and Watercolor Paint

This an abstract painting created with acrylic and watercolor paint. The artwork is approximately 16.5″ x 11″ on heavy foam core. Sweeping movements were used to wisp the paint onto the surface, and instead of using the brush, the brush handle was used to push and pull the paint around. The painting is primarily black and white, but hints of yellow, blue, and orange permeate the entire abstract artwork.

Abstract Painting Created with Acrylic and Watercolor Paint

Abstract Acrylic Paintings | Sphere (Ball) and Cone

These are two acrylic paintings, one of an abstract Ball or Sphere, and one of an abstract Cone. Energetic and expressive swirls of color are chaotically focused on creating a recognizable image. And the darker shadows and horizon lines help to ground the objects.

Simple three dimensional shapes, like cubes, spheres, cones, and cylinders, were some of the first objects I drew when I started my art hobby as a kid. The basic shapes helped simplify the world, and I began to understand how light and dark play against each other to create depth. As a young adult, the more I learn about the nature of the physical world, I understand there is more complexity than can be perceived by senses I’m accustomed to using, like sight and touch. So the paintings are a reminder of invisible depth in unobvious places.

The Sphere (ball) painting is approximately 11″x11″ and the Cone painting is approximately 13.5″x14″. Both artworks are painted on masonite board.

Expressive Abstract Acrylic Painting of a Ball or Sphere

Expressive Abstract Acrylic Painting of a Cone

Practicing Push | Colorful Abstract Painting of a Face

“Don’t overwork it!”

I get it, but no thanks. At least not today.

As much as I appreciated all my art teachers when I was younger, I think I would have liked less focus on accomplishment or the end result, and more on the process of learning and building. There is so much sustainable joy in action.

Some days I just want to push. Bring the art to its limit until it breaks… watch it break down, learn from it, put it back together and smash it again. It’s like playing, which is part of learning and creativity. I want to do more than make mistakes… I want to lift them up, and turn on the flood lights. Swing ’em around and test their stability, study them close, cover them up to see what shows through, highlight it and build off that. What a mess!! 🙂 Yes.

Putting some paint on paper is a pretty safe place to make mistakes. And the best part is learning to trust myself more than anything… that quiet authentic awareness in between thoughts… and what I came face to face with was that a lot of my “mistakes” were just my own ‘thoughts with judgment’. It’s not easy to let those thoughts go, after all, they’re there for a reason… maybe to protect my ego against criticism, i.e. staying within the lines means you get a gold star. But today I’m pushing for authenticity.

With so much attention on process and subjectivity, it’s difficult to focus on the end result and present it with coherent significance. There were so many faces created and destroyed within this artwork, it feels to me like the last one can barely hold it all together. And maybe that’s honest. This abstract painting of a face isn’t the final representation of my authenticity… it’s a painting of the active struggle (push) to find my authentic voice, and the joy and frustration that goes with it.

Colorful and Expressive Abstract Face, Drawn and Painted with Pen and Watercolor

Art Goddess | Abstract Portrait Painting

This is an abstract portrait painting of an Art Goddess. The artwork is 9″x12″ and was created with pens, watercolor, paint pens, and markers. Multiple layers of medium were energetically and organically built up to create an abstract female face, with broad strokes of watercolor and detailed pen lines used to push and pull the space. The essence of creativity is playfully depicted as an Art Goddess, with the face as an almost universally recognizable lead in to the visual art.

As I’ve grown into art, I realized that I have developed a deliberate way of expressing myself visually. Perhaps the same way that some have a deeper understanding of other tools for expression and communication, like math, language, or music. I feel a deep appreciation for those other creative processes, even though I don’t understand the intricacies of them, I know there are areas of overlap and mutual insight. So I added a few subtle reminders of other tools that enrich and nurture visual art.

I also wondered, if more people were taught to convey emotions or concepts via color and shape more consistently, what new ways of thinking about the world would we discover? What unknown creativity awaits behind the Goddess’ eyes? And what flashes behind yours?

Abstract Portrait Painting of an Art Goddess

Faces in Mind – How I Draw Faces

Some days before I draw, I close my eyes and breathe until I’m close to a kundalini state of mind, and I start to see amazing faces of all kinds. Barely captured in the artwork, the faces are so real, so unlike anything in this world, it feels like more than just imagination. Like my eyes have to close to this world in order to open in another.

There is a gamut of emotions they express, extreme details, and some that seem to embody the very essence of words like “beauty”, “evil”, “fun”, and some… I don’t think there are words to express what they are. I’m not consciously controlling the faces, they move, come, and go on their own, but I’ve never seen them before with my eyes open, and I don’t know where they come from.

I drew a picture that echoes the experience.

Faces in Mind - Drawing of a person with abstract faces overflowing from the head

Colorful Abstract Skull Sketches

Theses are abstract drawings of skulls, sketched with markers, watercolors, paint pens, and artist tape. The acid free tape was layered over the eyes of the more abstracted green swirly drawing. A bandaged or mummified appearance hasn’t translated as thoroughly to the digital reproduction. The skull drawings use basic shapes of color, subtle lines of structure, and semi-opaque washes of watercolor sketched quickly and energetically. A white paint pen is also used to add interesting hot spots of washed out color and blur lines that intensify the subtle illusion of movement.

A Quick Sketch of a Colorful Abstract Skull

Abstract Sketch of a Mummified Skull Face

Drawings and Paintings with Blue – Characters, Faces, Abstract Portrait Art

These are a series of Drawings and Paintings of Characters, Faces, and Abstract Portraits with the color Blue. The artworks vary in size and mediums, but include pens, markers, watercolor, acrylic, enamel, colored pencil, paint pens, and crayon.

Abstract Drawing of a Blue Face with Markers

Portrait Painting of a Woman Face with Paint Pens, Markers, and Pens

Abstract Character Drawing with Pen and Watercolor

Impressionistic Portrait Painting of a Girl with Pen and Watercolor

Abstract Impressionistic Painting of a Face with Watercolor, Markers, Pen, and Crayon

Line Drawing of an Abstract Portrait with Blue Marker

Blue Pen Drawing of a Character Face

Abstract Watercolor Painting of a Blue Face

Epilogue | Drawings and Paintings with Red – Characters, Faces, Abstract Portrait Art

Red Pen Drawing of a Face

Abstract Drawing of a Pink Face with Markers, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, and Glue

Abstract Painting of a Face with Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Crayon, and Pen

Pen Portrait Drawing of a Face with Red

Pen Portrait Drawing of a Face

Digital Drawings and Art | Time Lapse Animations | Abstract Portraits and Faces

The following artworks were drawn in a digital format, with a mouse as the input using free online software at RateMyDrawings.com. The software also records the drawing process, so once the drawing is complete viewers can watch the drawing being created in a time lapse animation format. After the animation plays, the viewer may Rate or Comment on the drawing or artwork.

A few digital drawings of abstract faces and portraits that I created at “Rate My Drawings” are highlighted below, along with one time lapse animation. I encourage clicking on the artworks in order to view more animations that show how the drawings were created over time. If you would like to see more time lapse animated art, check out my complete MDE-ART Rate My Drawings Profile, or surf around the site and check out all the other great drawings people do every day. Sign up is quick, so you can try creating your own digital paintings, drawings, and animations too!

Digital Drawing of an Abstract Face of Lines and Color v2

Digital Drawing of an Abstract Surreal Face

Digital Drawing of a Mysterious Face with Frantic Lines and Color

Digital Drawing of a Colorful Face with Squiggly Lines

Digital Drawing of an Abstract Face of Lines and Color

Digital Drawing of a Colorful Abstract Face

Digital Drawing of a Face of Lines and Color

Ocean Seascape Sunrise – Oil Pastels

This is an oil pastel drawing of an ocean seascape at sunrise. The oil pastel medium lends itself to smudging and smearing techniques, as well as scraping away layers to reveal colors underneath. The drawing also reflects an impressionistic style with a little bit of chaotic line work, noticeable in the clouds and water. The suggestion of dirt, rocks, sand, and a palm tree begin to frame and weight the artwork as well.

Ocean Seascape Sunrise Drawn with Oil Pastels