Portrait Drawing of Hua Tuo

This is a portrait drawing of Hua Tuo (c. 140–208); an ancient Chinese physician who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. This portrait artwork is approximately 9″x12″ and was created for the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology. The portrait was first drawn with pens and colored pencils, followed by markers and watercolors. Then the drawing was scanned and edited digitally to include a watercolor backdrop and highlights. The artwork will appear in the entrance exhibit of the WLM’s new physical location in Chicago, Illinois.

Hua Tuo Portrait Drawing Hua Tuo Portrait Drawing

Digital Drawings and Art | Time Lapse Animations | Abstract Portraits and Faces

The following artworks were drawn in a digital format, with a mouse as the input using free online software at RateMyDrawings.com. The software also records the drawing process, so once the drawing is complete viewers can watch the drawing being created in a time lapse animation format. After the animation plays, the viewer may Rate or Comment on the drawing or artwork.

A few digital drawings of abstract faces and portraits that I created at “Rate My Drawings” are highlighted below, along with one time lapse animation. I encourage clicking on the artworks in order to view more animations that show how the drawings were created over time. If you would like to see more time lapse animated art, check out my complete MDE-ART Rate My Drawings Profile, or surf around the site and check out all the other great drawings people do every day. Sign up is quick, so you can try creating your own digital paintings, drawings, and animations too!

Digital Drawing of an Abstract Face of Lines and Color v2

Digital Drawing of an Abstract Surreal Face

Digital Drawing of a Mysterious Face with Frantic Lines and Color

Digital Drawing of a Colorful Face with Squiggly Lines

Digital Drawing of an Abstract Face of Lines and Color

Digital Drawing of a Colorful Abstract Face

Digital Drawing of a Face of Lines and Color

Drawing of a Face Digitally Edited Into Creepy Sandman

This is a drawing of a face that is approximately 7″x7″. A thin red pen was used to mark in basic facial features and eyes, and a wash of purple watercolor was used to define value and some shading. Light washes of water were repeatedly used to subtly blend lighter shades of ink around the face, but these shades are not readily visible without contrast adjustment. In the second image, the Levels of the artwork were shifted to reveal a higher degree of contrast between the ink and the paper. This adjustment gives the face an eerie set of eyes and a creepy sandman appearance as the computer attempts to fill in the white space with a grainy gradient value.

Drawing of a Face with Red Pen

Drawing of a Face Digitally Edited to Look Like a Creepy Sandman

28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later, Digital Art

As an ode to the recent film “28 Weeks Later“, and its predecessor “28 Days Later“, I decided to mortify a zombie looking creature. It is a digital work of art, implementing numerous adjustments to the color, value, contrast, blur, and many other effects applied to the original image. I hope it is as striking as the films were meant to be, if only captured in one irrelevant work of digital art.

28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later Zombie Art