Colorful Abstract Drawing of a Womans Face

This is a colorful and slightly abstracted drawing of a woman’s face. The eyes, nose, and mouth were detailed in pen, but larger areas of color were applied over, underneath, and around the facial features. A mix of pens, paint pens, markers, and watercolor were used to create the artwork. The drawing utilizes tension with wild and expressive mark making in contrast to the carefully rendered eyes.

Colorful Abstract Expressionist Drawing of a Woman’s Face

Expressive Abstract Portrait Drawings of Male Faces

These two expressive abstract portrait drawings of male faces were drawn in the year 2003 with markers and a white paint pen. Each portrait was drawn with quick energetic lines and multiple vibrant colors. Unorthodox colors encourage putting extra emphasis on the shapes, planes, lines, and contours of the male face. And artistic strategies other than value changes must be used to define the structure of an easily identifiable image, the human face. This process can help expand the creativity and visual language available to the artist.

Abstract Portrait Drawing of a Male Face, drawn with Markers and Paint Pens

Expressive Abstract Portrait Drawing of a Male Face, drawn with colorful Markers and Paint Pens

Abstract Art Painting

This abstract art painting entitled “Highway” was created in 1998. The artwork utilizes cut canvas and acrylic paint to create a layered effect that adds a unique element of physical depth. The black and white stripes evoke a sense of confinement, while the familiar black bands with fragmented yellow lines are reminiscent of highway roads. The abstract art was built and painted organically, one layer at time, from back to front. Some areas of canvas are even painted from behind, so coloring is consistent on the layers that fold back on themselves to reveal the other side of the canvas. Similar to massive highway systems in metro areas, the roads and lines twist and turn into an unforgiving maze of paths.

Abstract Art Painting with Acrylics