These are two self-portraits of/by artist Michael D. Edens. The 9″x12″ artworks were drawn and painted in 2011 with a variety of mediums. The first self-portrait, entitled “Self-Portrait”, was drawn with pens, oil pastels, paint pens, watercolors, and gouache. The second self-portrait, entitled “Uneasy Self-Portrait”, was drawn with colored pencils, oil pastels, and watercolors.

Unique layering and coloring techniques were used in each self-portrait in order to create interesting visual styles. For example, watercolors are painted over naturally repelling oil pastels to create an uneasy imbalance of organically flowing swirls and pooling colors amidst irrepressible lines.

Self-Portrait - Michael D. Edens

Uneasy Self-Portrait - Michael D. Edens

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This is a previous 9″x12″ self-portrait created as part of the Rainbow Color Portraits – Series 1.

Michael D. Edens Self-Portrait - Rainbow Color Portraits - Series 1

Self-Portraits, Spring 2011 | Michael D. Edens