These two marker drawings of females were created with varying shades of grey markers and pens. The women’s faces were initially sketched with pen, and a subtle wash of water was used to soften the lines in some areas of the art. Light shades of grey markers were then used to build up the shape and form around each female’s face. Darker shades of gray and black were used to draw the hair and the deep shadows in each of the sketches. Both portraits are bold and striking, utilizing thin and thick lines to push certain elements of the faces forward or backward in space. For example, in the second portrait sketch, dark shadows under the woman’s chin push the neck back, and the light areas of the chin pop forward. Variations in light and dark patterns, also known as chiaroscuro, create the illusion of depth in each drawing.

Marker Drawing of a Woman, Portrait Sketch

Black and White Marker Sketch of a Female Portrait

Marker Drawings, Female Portrait Sketches