These two Lion Drawings were created at two different times, in 2 different mediums. The first lion art was drawn in charcoal in about 1997. Heavy black charcoal, and rich red and sienna colors were used in a limited palette. Some of the white highlights are just the white of the paper, while white chalk was used extensively in other areas of the drawing. The heavy lines and deep black shapes help to enhance the power and fierceness in the lion’s pose.

The second lion drawing was made with Pens and Markers in 2003. A quick pen sketch was drawn, and then a black silhouette was filled in around the profile of the lion’s face. Gray markers and splashes of red and blue color were used to add an offbeat contrast of colors not normally seen in a lion, which gives the drawing an abstract surreal feel. White paint was also used for highlights. On each layer of the drawing, the pen and marker lines always reflect an uneasy intensity in the art.

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Charcoal Lion Drawing

Pen and Marker Drawing of a Lion

Lion Drawings