These four drawings of lions were created with charcoal in 2002. Each lion is roaring fiercely, in a depiction of their natural inclination to hunt and strike for food. They represent a struggle for survival through raw power, not to be confused with perhaps the more anthropomorphizing emotions of anger or rage. That is the symbolism intended for each piece of art.

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Drawing of a Lion

Each lion drawing was uniquely constructed, starting with thick black lines of dark charcoal. Layers of white chalk and pastel colors were endlessly drawn over one another to create textures and the energetic patterns of their tussled manes. Heavy black charcoal was used around the eyes to draw focus, and the mouth has contrasting stark teeth with a dark interior to help them stand out. Color palettes consist of warm and cool colors, or harmonious and contrasting palettes. But each mix of colors adds something unique to each drawing amidst the similar compositions of the lion’s face.

Lion Drawing, Charcoal

Drawing of a Lion, Charcoal

Drawing of a Lion Roaring, Charcoal

Drawings of Lions