This is a series of abstract impressionistic art faces that were drawn and painted with a variety of mediums in 2008. The shapes of the faces were built up with layers of paint pens, watercolor, ink pens, acrylic paint, crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Each abstract head painting has an unusual expression, and struggles to find a clear identity amidst the chaotic and energetic lines and colors. The art usually starts with a simple pen drawing of a face, and layers of medium are applied to distort, contort, and emote from the initial framework. The eyes in particular help to ground the abstract artwork with a familiar image that most peoples brains are able to identify for survival… faces.

Abstract Art Face - Impressionistic Drawing and Painting of an Head

Abstract Art Face - Green and Blue Drawing and Painting of a Head

Drawing and Painting of an Abstract Face

Abstract Impressionistic Drawing of a Head

Abstract Art - Drawing of a Face

Abstract Face in Art Work comprised of impressionistic and emotive lines and color.

Abstract Art Faces | Drawings and Paintings of Heads