These are two acrylic paintings, one of an abstract Ball or Sphere, and one of an abstract Cone. Energetic and expressive swirls of color are chaotically focused on creating a recognizable image. And the darker shadows and horizon lines help to ground the objects.

Simple three dimensional shapes, like cubes, spheres, cones, and cylinders, were some of the first objects I drew when I started my art hobby as a kid. The basic shapes helped simplify the world, and I began to understand how light and dark play against each other to create depth. As a young adult, the more I learn about the nature of the physical world, I understand there is more complexity than can be perceived by senses I’m accustomed to using, like sight and touch. So the paintings are a reminder of invisible depth in unobvious places.

The Sphere (ball) painting is approximately 11″x11″ and the Cone painting is approximately 13.5″x14″. Both artworks are painted on masonite board.

Expressive Abstract Acrylic Painting of a Ball or Sphere

Expressive Abstract Acrylic Painting of a Cone

Abstract Acrylic Paintings | Sphere (Ball) and Cone