Windows to the Moon | Abstract Drawings and Paintings

The following artworks are part of a series of drawings/paintings of windows to the moon, each drawn and painted in an abstract style with different mediums. Each single window is approximately 12″x9″, containing a mix of media, including watercolors, pens, markers, colored pencils, paint pens, and oil pastels. The drawings are gestural and impressionistic, evoking a unique atmosphere when seen together or separately. The moon shines bright through each window amidst the dark night colored with black, red, and blue. Occasionally, the moon is visible during the daylight colored with blue, yellow, and white.

Abstract Drawings and Paintings of the Moon Seen Through Windows

4 Replies to “Windows to the Moon | Abstract Drawings and Paintings”

  1. It’s really a pretty set Michael. and I know exactly what your stimulus is. Seeing the moon visible during the day is almost magical.

  2. Thanks Vikki! Seeing the moon during the day still makes me do a double take. I’m amazed there’s a big rock that looks like it’s floating around in the sky! 😉

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