Watercolor Paintings of Flowers

These two watercolor paintings of flowers were created in 1997. The artworks utilize soft pink backgrounds, and deeper rich colors for the flowers and green leaves and stems. Numerous shades of red, orange, yellow, and green were used to create shadows, midtones, and highlights on the flower petals and leaves. This technique also gives the stems and leaves shape and form in the space. The use of watercolor as the medium for the flower paintings also gives them a softer look than crisp acrylics or oils.

A watercolor painting of flowers

Flower Art Watercolor Painting

17 Replies to “Watercolor Paintings of Flowers”

  1. Thanks Sunny,
    They are painted with watercolor, but I didn’t paint them with any particular style in mind. I think they are slightly impressionistic.

  2. you are wonderful i have been doing art for 4 yrs how long have you
    your hands must be gental to watercolour like that

  3. I think this is a BEAUTIFUL painting. This piece of artwork links with my final piece in school. And i was wondering, um whats your full name & is the title of this work of art watercolour paintings of flowers, or doest it have a different name to it ?
    PLEASE could you reply soon as possible. thankyou x

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