Sun Art | Drawings of Suns / Stars

CBS News Sunday Morning LogoThe following drawings of the sun (stars) were created in response to Art Challenge #7: Sun Art, over at The Artist Challenge. The first sun drawing is also part of the CBS News Sunday Morning Television Show Art Library.

Each sun drawing is 11″ x 14″, and drawn on paper with a variety of pens, watercolors, paint pens, colored pencils, oil pastels, markers, and acrylic paint.

The first image of the sun represents the power and energy of the source of light and color, and life, in our world. The drawing is also abstract and impressionistic. The other two sun/star drawings focus on the tumultuous bubbling reaction within a star that produces the warm colors and heat amidst the black depths of space.

The accompanying video shows the drawing and painting process for the colorful abstract sun in a time lapse format.

Colorful Abstract Drawing of the Sun

Drawing of the Sun

Drawing of the Sun and Stars

10 Replies to “Sun Art | Drawings of Suns / Stars”

  1. That is so wild watching you create these! (I’d have to have a tape running for 3 or 4 days to do the same and you’d see me eating and sleeping through part of it.)

    Anyway- extremely powerful result and beautiful image. I really like the 3 dimensionality of the last one also. It’s a very strong image.


  2. Thanks Vikki!
    I think a more involved video would be neat to see!

    These took a few days too, and I worked on them all at the same time. For example, I would add watercolor to one, then while it dries, switch to a different drawing. It’s a fun, intense process for me, and I enjoy having 5 or 6 versions going at any one time. It really gets the creative juices flowing! 🙂


  3. I enjoyed the video showing process of painting.
    I liked the way you projected your art work with a background of soothing music without adding any explanation. That allows me to be absorbed into your art with a curiosity rather than analizing. Thanks for your inspiration!!

  4. Thank you Misook! I appreciate your insight about the art videos! 😉

    And I’m glad to hear you enjoyed them! Thanks!


  5. I’m searching for a library of the sun images on CBS sunday morning show. Where might I find them, please? Thanks!!! Stephanie

  6. Since a week I was searching drawings on various seasons sun and just as is there in this website.Thanks a lot.

  7. i am doing an art project at school and i have to research you. i chose my favourite piece of work and i chose colourful sun. i need to ask you when did you make it and what paints and colours did you use.
    from big fan goc!

  8. These entries are exactly the type of artwork I would like to display in my home. How do I go about purchasing some of them?

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