Sketches of Abstract Faces | Pen and Watercolor

These are sketches of abstract faces in primarily black pens and watercolors. The first drawing is a pen sketch with water wash, approximately 9″x12″ on paper. The old face is an interesting foundation, utilizing the high contrast of black and white to create a striking and kinetic composition. The second drawing of a face, also 9″x12″ on paper, started in a similar style with pen and markers. Layers of black watercolor, marker, and white highlights were gesturally added to accentuate the fluid and wispy atmosphere.

Abstract Face Pen Sketch in Black and White

Abstract Face Sketch with Watercolor and Markers in Black and White

13 Replies to “Sketches of Abstract Faces | Pen and Watercolor”

  1. The contrast – or polar opposite with the two as a set is really interesting . And as always those eyes! You’ve captured the age of man so well, Michael.

  2. Hi Vikki!
    Thanks for mentioning the contrast, I was wondering about that as well! 😉
    I appreciate your feedback! 🙂

  3. Life is all about ‘Black or White’, isn’t it!!!
    Nice depiction of work Michael!!!! very very appreciateble work indeed!!!
    God Bless!!

  4. Hi Michael, i just got busy after joining Facebook..i showcased some of my works,’s a whole mini world of artists…Just give it a try…n u will meet wonderful artists from all over the globe….
    Gud luck for ur works always!!! u r one of my fav.
    God Bless!!

  5. Hi Michael, so gud to knw that u hv a face book profile…wow!! ok my pofile is in the name of …Umesh Bawa Arora!!! n wat’s urs…this is sooo gud!!! will check out…sorry for the delay in writing..was too busy with other stuff…hv anice weekend!!!
    God Bless!!

  6. hi my name name is kasey im only 14 and i like to draw. veryday and everynight i draw something nice for my family and i will like to show u my art work if thats fins please send me a message back. thankyou

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