Portraits and Faces Series 2 – Abstract Pen and Marker Drawings

These pen and marker drawings are part of an abstract expressionistic body of artwork entitled Portraits and Faces Series 2. They are a series of three faces drawn with energetic and expressive shapes, blocks of color, and frantic lines to produce abstract portraits that appear to be emerging and constructing themselves from the ink and paint mediums on the surface of the paper. Prominent facial features are emphasized, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, so that amidst the predominantly abstract compositions it is still possible to make out the faces peering back. The chaotic atmosphere builds the structure of the faces by utilizing techniques such as layering and chiaroscuro to produce varying combinations of opaque and transparent color. Each piece of expressive abstract art is roughly 9″x12″, and a unique mix of emotions are portrayed in each portrait drawing.

For more colorful portrait art, view the abstract impressionistic drawings entitled Portraits and Faces Series 1 – Impressionistic Oil Pastel Drawings, or this Colorful Abstract Drawing of a Woman’s Face.

Abstract Expressionist Portrait Drawing of a Face with Markers and Pen

Colorful Expressive Abstract Portrait Drawing of a Face

Colorful Abstract Expressionist Portrait Drawing of a Face

25 Replies to “Portraits and Faces Series 2 – Abstract Pen and Marker Drawings”

  1. Hey, I just randomly came across your website and wanted to say that your art is quite amazing. I love painting abstract art myself and I hope one day I can be as good as you. =]

  2. Thank you Breland. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a kind comment. Feel free to share your work or send a link some day, and good luck with your artistic pursuits!

  3. Thanks Hi Yo Guys! 🙂
    I’m glad to hear you enjoy my work. I like your site design, some of the interior page title graphics seem familiar. 😉

  4. Thanks.

    Well, yeah. I would like your permission to use them for free. Actually, I am a student and can’t pay so I was hoping you wouldn’t mind. If you don’t allow, I promise you I won’t use them.

    Hi Yo Guys,
    The HYG World

  5. i jus luv ur art – i think it’s really amazing. i love to work like that, and the fact that you use different bright colour to capture a face with scribble yet resulting in a excellent captivation on portrait is jus wonderful. i would love to make pieces inspired by you.

  6. Hey Hi Yo Guys,
    You can use them! I think it looks great! 🙂 The whole site is really well done. Nice work!

  7. Thanks subani,
    I appreciate your compliments and interest in my work! Feel free to post a link to any related artworks you create. 🙂

  8. woww!! arttt iss awsomee aha. 2 bad in school i have art in my 4th semesterr!! i have to waitt thatt long”!ah!xD hehe well just here to say love the work, time, n efforttt!!! nice arttttttt.!! hehe

  9. Thaaankss nnnaattaallieee!
    I appreciate your comment and enthusiasm! Good luck with your artistic pursuits! 🙂

  10. In the first two images here, the faces seem to be disappearing more into the background. This isn’t bad, in fact, it looks really well done.

    I wish I had your eye for the abstract. I do like the previous pieces better, but these are still beautiful.

  11. can i just say,
    i think the work you’ve posted on here are amazing,
    they’ve made me remember why i love doing art,
    so thank you, you’ve really inspired me

  12. Thank you shara! I’m delighted to hear about your reaction to the artwork, and appreciate you sharing back your experience! Good luck with your artistic pursuits! 😉

  13. hello … i am doing an art assigment in my art class and i choose you as my artist!! i admire your work and have desided to do my own self portrait in your style of work !! i also have to do an essay about you. it would be a honor to interveiw you if you dont mind.. please and thank you!!

  14. Nice work I just got into watercolor and am interested in mixing mediums i posted a few pieces on my facebook. I love the maker pieces it brings a rugged street style feel tell me you used sharpies…….

  15. Hey, I think your art is absolutely amazing!!!
    I am a student in Grade 12 and I have actually chosen you as my influential artist for my final artwork. I really like how how you do the faces so loosely but not completely abstract. I hope I can get the same effect on my artwork…..not to sure if it will turn out the same though.
    Thanx for inspiring me :):)

  16. The emotion in your lines and how they build are very impressive.
    May the good Lord continue to bless you in your work and in your life.

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