Portrait Pen Sketches and Drawings of Women

These three pen sketches and drawings of women’s portraits were drawn in 2002. Each portrait was drawn in a unique style, using pen with washes of water, and grey marker. The first woman’s face uses the grey marker to block in abstract shadows and shapes, giving the impression of a bright light source. The second portrait is a girl with her eyes closed, sketched with shakily drawn lines and a wash of water to add shadows and soften the image. The third portrait drawing utilizes bigger shapes of darker ink to block in eye shadow and hair. The contrast of the stark white of the paper with the deep shadows pop the face forward on the page. Also, the relatively accurate placement of facial features helps to define the structure of the face with minimal value changes and shading.

A Portrait Pen Sketch of a Woman

A Pen Drawing of a Woman’s Portrait

A Portrait Pen Drawing of a Woman

35 Replies to “Portrait Pen Sketches and Drawings of Women”

  1. I am studying to be an art teacher, do you mind if use your pen drawings for examples of artists who use expressive contour portraits? If so then could you provide me with your name for reference when giving credit to your work?

  2. Hi Heather,
    My name is Michael Edens. If you click the β€œBiography” link on the top navigation you’ll find more information. Good luck with your artistic pursuits.

  3. Mr Edens, do you mind if use your work for my GSCE coursework? For our all topics we are required to produce some artists copies, and I would like to use your sketches for my portrait topic. With that out the way, I must say I find your pieces to be very expressive, and I envy your ability to depict the features of the women while still retaining a sense of freedom. Great Job!

  4. Hi Torben,
    Thanks for your compliments and interest in my artwork! I do not mind if you use it for your GSCE coursework. Feel free to post a link to your work if you make it available online. And good luck with your artistic pursuits! πŸ˜‰

  5. Hey I just wanted to say that your drawings are awesome and I have been coming to this site for some time now to look at them and get ideas, I have even tried to mimic some of the facial drawings, your work is great! Really.. I especially like the black and white faces of women and other people the most because I like to draw with black and white pastels and markers..

    Thanks for inspiring..

  6. Thank you Luke from Switzerland!
    That’s really amazing for me to hear about your work. I appreciate you visiting my site! It means a lot to hear that I have offered some inspiration! If you ever put any of your work online, feel free to post or send a link!

    Good luck with your artistic pursuits! πŸ˜‰


  7. Thanks Michael,

    I will let you know if I put anything on the web and I will come back and tell you.

    Again, thanks for inspiring people, we need more people like you. Doesn’t matter if it’s through speech or artwork or whatever.. we need more of these people.

    All the best,


  8. These works are turely inspiring..the mediums used and the creativity shown out of it is mind boggling…these painting inspires me of new and innovative ideas which makes my paintings look soo good!!..n this site has done me soo good…m rilli rilli thankful to your site for the works

  9. Hi Tirtha,
    Thank you for your kind feedback! I’m happy to hear you have been inspired. Good luck with your artistic pursuits! πŸ™‚


  10. Hi,

    I am an out of job woman, who has just started her own beauty parlour. I started this only because I didn’t get any opening due to the tough times now. Can i use one of your sketch in my Business Card?

    -Uma, India.

  11. I forgot to add in the previous comment that you have a way while depicting woman. It hits a chord somewhere.

  12. I think thats what you are doing is amazing. So much styles, so much colors and of course lots of emotions. I love it. In my mind, your paintings are so inspiring for everyone. I wish you luck. Don’t stop doing it. P.S. Sorry for mistakes. I’m not very good in English yet. :))

  13. Hi
    my fvrt subject is math & drawing from my childhood. but when i m in 7th class i leaved the drawing subject because that was not include in my course. well my passion of soul is sketching. well i hope i could a strong grip on make sketch in the future.

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