Portrait of a Woman

The following artwork is entitled “Portrait of a Woman”. The slightly abstract and impressionistic drawing is approximately 11″ x 14″ and was created with pens, markers, paint pens, and colored pencils on paper. The portrait was drawn from life, as the woman reclined on a couch. A live subject helps me to capture a unique vibrancy and spirit that emanates from a person.

Interestingly, the woman in this portrait became very ill a few hours after the 20 minute drawing session. I think a certain anxious discomfort was visible before the physical symptoms of the illness were felt by her. It was a 24 hour illness, and she fully recovered.

Portrait of a Woman

11 Replies to “Portrait of a Woman”

  1. Amazing and beautiful. I donโ€™t know if it because you told us -but her eyes do seem to say that she doesnโ€™t feel good.
    Really nice work.

  2. Hey, im in year 11 and studying art for my GCSE’s. I would just like to thank you because iv used your work a lot during my course. I use a very similar style to you, and you art is very very good. thanks again.

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  4. Thank you Charlie!
    I’m delighted to hear you found inspiration in my work. It’s amazing how much we can learn from mirroring other people, and I support your process of developing your style!

    Good luck with your artistic pursuits!


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