Pen Drawing / Sketch of an Old Man

This is a pen drawing of an Old Man that was sketched in 1999. It is somewhat of a portrait, but it doesn’t focus on the face, rather the whole body and posture of the man. Light squiggly lines where used to quickly sketch in the body, with heavy crosshatching used to depict shadows and shapes. His hunched back and downward gaze help to reinforce the contemplative nature of the old man, as he slowly walks away from the viewer. Also, the drawing is approximately 9″ x 18″, and utilizes a slight wash of water to soften some of the crisp pen lines.

A Pen Drawing / Sketch of an Old Man

14 Replies to “Pen Drawing / Sketch of an Old Man”

  1. Great drawing! It has such a great feel to it. I could easily see this as an illustration in a book or syndicated magazine.

  2. Great technique, it has the look and feel of a pen & ink drawing, but is softened by the shading and use of pencil.

  3. Thank you Annie-Liz, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Your portrait work is fantastic, and I see you have an eye for capturing the beauty of light and atmosphere in each piece.

  4. nice 1!look like its a quik sketch,but its too good,i need to improve my sketching.theKAB,architecture student…

  5. Thanks The KAB,
    You’re right, it was a fairly quick sketch that took maybe 10 minutes or so. Good luck with your architectural pursuits! 🙂

  6. Would it be possible to use your picture sketch of an old man in our church magazine just for the one edition of 500 copies. It is so apt of an elderly fellow and will be used to enhance a piece of poetry in the magazine – of course we will enclose a byline under the sketch. Hopefully yours Chas Huffer (editor)

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