Pen and Ink Portrait Drawings of a Woman

These are two portrait drawings of two different women, which were created with Pen and Ink in 2002. The first woman’s portrait was drawn with very few lines, just enough to get critical facial features. The eyes, nose, mouth, and a few wisps of hair were used to define location, while the viewer’s imagination makes up the rest of the image. The well defined eyes with their piercing, yet somewhat vacant, stare create tension with the fragility of the pen and ink lines.

The second pen and ink portrait drawing started off in a similar fashion, but eventually a definitive outline was used around the jaw and hair. So the rest of the portrait was drawn in more detail, and a wash of water was used to soften some of the crisp pen lines and add shading around the woman’s face.

Pen and Ink Portrait Drawing of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman Drawn in Pen and Ink

16 Replies to “Pen and Ink Portrait Drawings of a Woman”

  1. I love the minimalist effect of the first woman, except for detail in the eyes. It’s mysterious and alluring.

  2. try longer/continuous (might be scary BUT revealing!) stokes [ink & brush] INSTEAD of ‘baby’ strokes!

    mark jaquette @ illustrationISM & BAMmGRAPHICS

  3. Great work done, in it’s own way!!! Wonderful n expressive!!!Keep up th gud work buddy, it is inspiring.

    God Bless!!

  4. Hi Capt_Poco,
    Thanks for sharing that visual connection between various artworks on the site. I appreciate that thoughtfulness. 🙂

  5. Your art work is so amazing, i love how you arent afraid to express the colour in your pictures, you inspire me in my own art, and you really are a talented artist!!!

  6. I love the way you highlight the eyes in most of your art. I took art GCSE back in the UK and one of my final pieces was a portrait of a woman drawn in black pen, with the most detail on the eyes, which were coloured green. I think eyes are the most important part of beauty in a face, so I always love to accentuate them in my own drawings, as well as seeing them in others’. Keep up the great work, it’s so original and I could just spend hours looking at it! 😀

  7. That is grate. I love the way you teach your work as im trying to copy your work as practice.
    A friend frm iran

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