Painting of a Cow | Cow Painting

This is a painting of a cow amidst a green field and a fiery red background. The canvas is approximately 16″x20″ and the entire artwork was painted with Acrylic paints. The billowing and vibrant background contrasts interestingly with the energetic cow and grassy field in the foreground. Splashes of yellow paint add the impression of flowers and help pull the yellow areas of the background into the foreground. This particular breed of cow is known as a Holstein cow, which is commonly raised for dairy production. Mooooo!

Acrylic Painting of a Cow

8 Replies to “Painting of a Cow | Cow Painting”

  1. I love that your experimenting by pushing your style in different directions and application. The texure is really wonderful and love your daring color palette.
    Moooooo to you too.

  2. Good to see this work…for a change…but u being a MASTER of eyes, i thought u cud have done more justice by showing the cow’s eyes!!!!
    Well!!! this is what i think…..cauz th eyes of a cow are much brighter, beautiful n bigger than us humans….
    Luv ur work though…..God Bless!!

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