Painting / Drawing of a Cooked Turkey

This is a 9″x12″ painting/drawing of a cooked turkey. The turkey was loosely sketched with ink pens and paint pens on card stock paper. Washes of watercolor were painted over the drawing to soften focus and add volume, followed by white highlights. The pervasive yellow adds a soft glow to the atmosphere, while the frantic linework and alternating shadows and highlights across the entire painting add energy to an otherwise static image.

Painting and Drawing of a Cooked Turkey

4 Replies to “Painting / Drawing of a Cooked Turkey”

  1. What always amazes me is how you can so quickly go between abstract and naturalism. That shows an amazing talent. (And education) Color does define mood …I think more than line. The line adds energy and supports the feeling- but given the same image in cooler colors would be a whole different experience.

    Hope you had a happy turkey day.

  2. Wow, thank you for those compliments Vikki! You’re right about the color! I’ll keep that in mind. 😉


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