Out of the Blue | Drawing of a House and Sunset

“Out of the Blue” is a 4″x6″ abstract sketch of a house and sunset, drawn with marker, crayon, paint pen, and colored pencil. My attention was focused on the colors more than anything else. I wanted to see what effect a few disjointed gradients and juxtapositions of specific colors would have on each other and the overall artwork. Bright and sunny, with bold red, green, blue, and yellow. Similar frantic style, but a new direction.

Metaphorically speaking, sometimes it’s helpful to draw or paint with one arm tied behind my back. “Adriaaaan!” 😉 Slowing down with thoughtful color choices increased my awareness, and it’s refreshing to mix things up in a creative rut.

A Colorful Abstract Drawing of a Blue House and Sunset Sketched with Marker, Crayon, Paint Pen, and Colored Pencil

4 Replies to “Out of the Blue | Drawing of a House and Sunset”

  1. This little blue house is very cool in it’s yellow world. It’s very different from what you’ve been showing recently yet still maintains your signature style. I like the simplicity.

    You are the master of expressive line- Master Michael.

  2. Thanks Vikki,
    I appreciate your thoughtful feedback so much. Your artwork and compliments have had such a stirringly positive effect on me.

    It’s funny how often I feel like I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to art. But for some reason, lines feel comfortable. Like I don’t have to know what I’m doing, I just do it. Uninhibited, like running around the yard as a kid.

  3. I’m not gonna say what’s good about this one..
    I’m just gonna say that I love it!
    The colors, lines, feelings everything… Totally my type!
    Simple, colorful, warm and beautiful 🙂

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