One time I danced like Michael Jackson

When I was a junior in high school, I had an assignment in Speech class to create a performance piece. I chose to lip sync to a Michael Jackson song for 60 seconds. It went over well, so my teacher asked if I would perform at the Homecoming Pep Fest that week.

I said surrre.

But I wanted to do more than stand up and lip sync for 60 seconds, so I secretly put together an entire dance routine and mixed a few songs together, (Scream and the remix Shout).

I was scared to go on stage in front of all of my high school peers, anticipating humiliation and ostracism, hoping for validation and acceptance. Then my name was called, and as soon as my feet hit the floor my brain turned off amidst a flood of adrenaline. I entered fight or flight mode, forgot the routine, and started moving on instinct. It was a rush that left me with little memory of the actual performance, and I had to ask a friend backstage what happened.

I was subsequently floored by the reaction to my attempt at imitating Michael Jackson. The persona he created invites a crowd to go wild!

“Junior, Michael Edens dancing like Michael Jackson in 1996 for the Homecoming Pep Fest at Lourdes High School in Rochester MN.”

The performance was fun. I still enjoy dancing almost every day, and am currently fascinated by liquid dancing and popping. There may even be more recent dance videos to follow. 😉

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  1. Mike, That was one of my favorite memories of all of high school. It was an amazing performance!

  2. I remember it well…parents at the football game told us that they had heard about your awesome performance.

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