More Gesture Drawings, Figure Drawings

Similar to a recent post with charcoal gesture drawings, here are two more gesture drawings of human figures. Although the medium used in the first one is acrylic paint, so it should really be called a gesture painting. The figures were drawn from life. As live models would take a 30 second pose, the paint and charcoal was utilized to make quick gestural sketches. This helps to convey the energy and movement of the figure with a few quick expressive strokes of a brush. The posture or stance of the person is summed up quickly, and this process is often used as a warm up exercise before drawing more detailed sketches.

Acrylic Gesture Painting of a Figure from Life

Charcoal Gesture Drawing of a Figure from Life

5 Replies to “More Gesture Drawings, Figure Drawings”

  1. Hi Capt_Poco,
    Thanks for your feedback! 🙂 I had some extra time and used the red to try to define a few basic curves in the body. Searching for parallels.

  2. I always love the black-white-red combination, and the red in the second drawing really brings out the shape and separates it from the background. I really like the abstract strokes, too 🙂

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