Mini Portrait Painting of Young Woman and Man

This is a 4″x6″ mini portrait painting of a young woman and man. Mediums used include watercolor, markers, paint pens, acrylic paints, pens, colored pencils, and crayons. After working with abstracts for a prolonged period of time, an attempt was made at portrait paintings again. Some of the abstract qualities from previous artworks were maintained in the background and loosely painted hair, while finer details like the noses and mouths were worked and reworked to a breaking point. While painting accurate portraits can require attention to these details, some lingering sense of impressionistic mark making has still been achieved.

Mini Portrait Painting of Young Woman and Man

7 Replies to “Mini Portrait Painting of Young Woman and Man”

  1. Michael,
    You have captured the young man to a T but I have to say the girl is prettier in real life. Very nice, though.

  2. this picture is so amazing! it looks like you took a photograph and made it come alive. i can really see this moment happening and that’s wonderful.

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