Marker Drawings of People, Old Man and Young Woman

These two marker drawings of people, one of an old man and the other of a young woman, were sketched in the year 2003. Each portrait focuses on the face of each person, using a limited palette and opaque colored lines to recreate a likeness on paper. A white paint pen was also used for highlights. The stark colors add a cold and rigid feeling to these portrait drawings, even though the marker lines are kept fairly loose and energetic. Tension is also created between the upbeat style of drawing and the melancholy look on the old man and young woman’s faces.

Marker Drawing of an Old Man’s Face

Marker Drawing of a Young Woman’s Face, Portrait

10 Replies to “Marker Drawings of People, Old Man and Young Woman”

  1. hey i really like the pictures, i am a 13 year old artist and i love your style its very similar to mine once again great pictures

  2. Hi jazz streater,
    I encourage your interest in art! These drawings took about 10-15 minutes each. However, it took many years to develop confidence and skill in expressing myself through visual art.


  3. Hello i was just looking at your drawing, and omg! i love your darwings . Their amazing and gorgeouse too. I’m 18 and i’ve been darwing, paintings and making what ever pops in my mind! awsome stuff

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