Marker Drawings, Female Portrait Sketches

These two marker drawings of females were created with varying shades of grey markers and pens. The women’s faces were initially sketched with pen, and a subtle wash of water was used to soften the lines in some areas of the art. Light shades of grey markers were then used to build up the shape and form around each female’s face. Darker shades of gray and black were used to draw the hair and the deep shadows in each of the sketches. Both portraits are bold and striking, utilizing thin and thick lines to push certain elements of the faces forward or backward in space. For example, in the second portrait sketch, dark shadows under the woman’s chin push the neck back, and the light areas of the chin pop forward. Variations in light and dark patterns, also known as chiaroscuro, create the illusion of depth in each drawing.

Marker Drawing of a Woman, Portrait Sketch

Black and White Marker Sketch of a Female Portrait

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate your kind words. Good luck with your artistic pursuits as well.

  2. hey it looks heaps good man, nice work.
    i am young amatuer with no experience, i tried your female portraits pen sketches. they turned out pretty well. thanks

  3. Thanks shoni, I appreciate the comment. Good luck with your artistic endeavors. 🙂

  4. You know Michael, the best part about these sketches is that u have liven up the whole blank page!!!!! This is just “WOW!!
    The best part about an artist is, that he/she sits with a plain sheet of paper or blank canvas n with his artwork fill it with so much of “LIFE”….Tell me how many of us in this whole BIG WORLD can do this wonderful creativity!!! God created man and man created this (expressive art) beauty with his hands!!!What a Blessing indeed!!!!
    This piece of ur work has got one of the best expressions…..n i truly like the “Speaking Eyes”!!! Can’t take my eyes off them!!
    Hats off to u!!!
    God Bless n hv a bright day!

  5. Hi umesh,
    I appreciate your amazingly positive support and feedback! I am humbled and honored to read your words! And it is a true Blessing indeed to use our abilities to the fullest. I see the same in your ability to inspire and let powerful words flow to the page. I am appreciative of your wisdom, and your ability to see and express with heart.

  6. Well dear!!! one can’t ignore wat’s beautiful…. i guess we all should always appreciate it!…..n its gives a great feel!!!…. we should all feel lucky that there is so much of wonderful creativity around us!!!You are wonderful in ur creation!!
    Keep it up!!!
    God b with you!!!

  7. wow out of all your work, i like this one the best. She even looks cute! You inspired me to go out and buy some markers!

  8. Hey, i am going to use one of the two picures above for the front view of my wall light. I am designing a 3D wall light and wondered would it be possible for you to post or design a side view picture of the woman above. Its an amazing picture, i have been looking for months to find a picture like this

  9. Thanks Martyn!
    That sounds like an interesting project. I’m not available for the profile portrait commission, so I would recommend further research on

  10. thats amazing i love it!!
    ahaha all this art is amazing you are very talented people!!
    love it!!!
    2 thumbs up!!

  11. Hey,
    I love the style of your work! Its amazing! And i think i can relate to a lot of it.
    Anyhow, nice job dude 😉

  12. your work is 🙂 wow, how long does it take for you to draw like that..? iv been drawing for soo long its my passion its one of the only things im good at im not very acidemic like my borther and sister but as i can see your work is wow just makes me sad because i would love to be an artist as i love creative things and i love to draw faces and show passion in them the different faces and expressions and hands ….. how long did it take you please.?? im 16 and i would love to be as good as you one day 🙂 your great im appreciate what you do 🙂 x

  13. Hi jazz streater,

    I believe that if you enjoy creating and drawing, you already are an artist! I also think it’s great to grow and learn from other artists, because it has personally helped me find my own unique voice and visual style. The way you express yourself is your own, and even though it is affected by everything in your life, I encourage you to explore and develop what is true for you. 🙂

    The artworks above took about 10-15 minutes of actual drawing time. But it also took many years to develop confidence and skill in expressing myself through visual art.

    Good luck with your artistic pursuits! 😉


  14. nice drawing…i did it for my art class and it was cool…of course mine turned out more like an anime version…but then again i am an anime artist…well…I’m going to ecome one when I’m older…anyway nice site

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