Marker Drawing of an Eye

This is a 5×8 marker drawing of an eye. The artwork utilizes a simple two color palette of black and green. The pupil of the eye, eyelashes, wrinkles, and eyebrows are drawn in the color black, which helps bring focus to that area of the drawing. The eye was also positioned to the right of the center of the page, which offsets the composition slightly, and disrupts symmetry. Green marker was then used to fill in shadows and give shape and form to the area of the face immediately surrounding the eye. The green crosshatching and squiggly lines also help define the energy and simplicity in the drawing.

Marker Drawing of an Eye

4 Replies to “Marker Drawing of an Eye”

  1. Nice!
    Only goes to prove that simplicity is sometimes better than detail. The use of two colors provides quite an impact!

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