Human Face, pen sketch

This drawing of a human face was sketched with pen and watercolor pencils.

Human face drawing, pen and watercolor

I started sketching an interesting pair of eyes, and then expanded some shadow down to the cheek bones. At that point I was close enough to the semblance of a human face, so I added some watercolor pencils for color. After a few washes I let the water dry where it may. Here is an extreme close up of one side of the face.

Human face drawing, pen and watercolor, close up

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  1. i would like to know more about drawing
    human face with pen/gel pen/pencil

  2. Hi Radhakrishnan,

    I started by looking at people’s faces, or at pictures of peoples faces, and practiced drawing them. Or I draw them from my imagination.

  3. Hey, I’m a uni student looking for an artist that inspires me. I have to write 600 words about them and how I relate to the works. I would really like to know a bit more about the artist who has done these pieces of art. If it is confidential I understand. It’s just you’re the only artist I have found that I really would like to write about. However, I have found no information about you unfortunately.

    Please let me know if I can get some information about the artist who has done these incrdeible pieces of art or not.

    Thank you.

  4. Thanks bec. You can check out the Biography page, which also has a link to an Interview with more information.

  5. im taking ap art this year and im currently putting together my portfolio.My concentration is on the human body and i stumbled accross your website!Your work is incredible.I hope one day i can be this good.Ive been drawing with everything i could get my hands on since i was old enough to pick up a pencil, and im a sophmore now.Im really hoping to get some scholarships to an art school.i love coming across artists blogs, and your website is one of my favorites so definetly inspired me!youe amazing!

  6. Your art is really fantastic, I love drawing and have a few pieces which I really prize. My dad keeps wanting me to sell them, but I feel quite attached to them, with all the effort I put into them. It broke my heart to see a painting on eBay selling for just $1! What do you do with all of your paintings? I feel it is much nicer to give them away than put a price on them

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