Hand Study Drawings

These 3 drawings of hands were created with pen, watercolor, markers, and a little bit of acrylic paint in an expressionistic style. The hand studies were drawn with energetic lines and bright, vibrant colors. The last work of art is a close up of a thumb. My first art teacher always told me you can never draw enough hand studies.

Blue Hand Study Art

Pink Hand Study Art

A drawing of a thumb

5 Replies to “Hand Study Drawings”

  1. These are my 3 favourite pieces, i absolutely love your use of lines, and how the back washes go hand in hand with the pen. These 3 have most inspired my a level art (im from the uk). I have watched your videos, and love the speed at which you work. How you go from colour to colour and build up your drawings, as if you knew what it would look like at the end, exactly where every colour will go, its amazing (this being about some of your other pieces, such as the turtle) One of the main things i have learnt from you is how to make bold colours like this work together, and to encourage myself to work more with pens and inks!

  2. also interested in the price of the third one, the one of the thumb? if still available that is.

  3. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for all your compliments. I’m delighted to hear about your inspiration and interest in art. All of the artworks are spontaneous, just an intuitive idea based on years of practice and desire for expression.

    I appreciate your interest in the art for sale too! I’ll email you privately about the availability of the artwork.

    And good luck with your artistic pursuits!


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