Expressive Abstract Drawings and Paintings of Colorful Faces

This is a series of expressive abstract drawings and paintings of colorful faces. The artworks are 9″x12″ and use a variety of colored mediums to achieve the desired look, including Oil Pastels, Paint Pens, Watercolors, Markers, Pens, and Acrylic Paint. They are drawn from memories and intend to convey the essence of a mood or feeling evoked from people or characters. The layers, expressive lines, and abstract compositions help communicate the complexity of imagination, and represent the emotions that arise from a perceived connection to faces.

Expressive Abstract Drawing and Painting of a Colorful Face

Expressive Abstract Drawing and Painting of a Colorful Face

Expressive Abstract Drawing and Painting of a Colorful Face

12 Replies to “Expressive Abstract Drawings and Paintings of Colorful Faces”

  1. I always enjoy these series you create. Theyโ€™re in truth a โ€˜visual representation or storyboard of the abstract thought processโ€™ -no matter what the subject.
    You always start with more detail/realism and then expound on the emotion through line and color with each image that follows.

    I really love the depth and layering you get in the first. But -I also like the ‘face mask’ in the second and the explosion in the last.

    I see a clear statement in there about what we perceive in faces.


  2. Thanks Vikki!

    I’m always fascinated by your comments. I appreciate how well you articulate complex concepts so concisely!

    It’s a benefit to my understanding of the world, since this ‘abstract visual thought process’ is very natural to me, and one that I think should be honored more often in my life… and in any artist’s life! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. “The thoughts keep flowing n wander into an imaginative world,where we can portray our inner feelings to the world”.
    I really like the first one so much!!…..beautiful n expressive!!!!!….as if, iv landed in a different world!!! It is very connecting!!!!!
    N the second one is so full of fury!!!phew!good expression!!!
    Wonderful work Michael !!! keep going!!!
    God Bless!!

  4. Hello Michael,
    Looking at all your artwork, there’s one thing that I noticed on almost all of them, the faces are covered with some sort of a veil. I feel as though your subjects are withdrawn and sad. They seem troubled, psychologically, and so, they hide. They hide from the world, by putting on a mask or a veil. I feel sad for them.


  5. Hi umesh!
    The inner and outer journey through life really is amazing. Thank you for your encouragement! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hi Tasha,
    That’s a very interesting assessment! I’m fascinated by what each individual relates to in art. I appreciate you sharing what you see. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Very well replied !!! N my personal experience speaks one thing….as far as iv seen ur paintings/pics…goes 2 show that u r a striver in life n don’t give up easily. There are many things in life which all of us are not able to convey or have the courage to get expressive but for sure if you have it inside you…then what better way than art!!!! You have shown it all Michael!!!!and have much more to share…just keep going!!! there is no stopping friend…..
    Sorry, if iv offended anybody…..cauz all of us r special in our own ways…
    God Bless You!!!

  8. Thanks umesh!
    That’s really exciting! I appreciate your kindness and encouragement very much. I read a similar strength and awareness in your words. And especially joy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m not offended. I am inspired by what you see! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Many blessings to you too!


  9. so am i correct in thinking that your backgrounds are inspired by emotions?

    very nice paintings, very unique (:

  10. Thank you Jason,
    The backgrounds are varied, but often times they do arrive intuitively or from emotions.


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