Drawings of Lion Cubs

These are 2 drawings of lion cubs. The first lion cub was drawn with markers, oil pastels, and paint pens. The line work in the first drawing started out fairly loose, but tightened up as I tried to correct proportion, value, and position mistakes. I left the second lion cub drawing abstract and cartoonish, and also used markers, oil pastels, and paint pens. The drawings are 9″ x 12″.

Drawing of a Lion Cub

Abstract Drawing of a Lion Cub

16 Replies to “Drawings of Lion Cubs”

  1. These are so endearing Michael. You have to be a cat lover to find their personality so easily in your work. I like them both very much.

  2. Thanks Vikki!
    Yea, I do like cats a lot, especially lions. I like that they are strong and calm… fierce when they hunt for survival, but otherwise pretty relaxed looking! 🙂

  3. This drawing is very well. The artist make a good drawing. Drawing feel a cat. The cat drawing is beautiful.

  4. Thank you, Claudia!
    The process I used to draw these was intuitive, so it was a spontaneous flow of lines and colors.


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