Drawing of an Old Man Face with a Red Pen

This is a minimalistic drawing of an old man face with a red pen. A brush and water was used to add subtle shadows around the eyes, nose, and mouth. The commentary is similarly sparse… lost in thought like the old man’s gaze.

Drawing of a Face of an Old Man with Red Pen

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  1. It is said that “Experience is a hard teacher cauz she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards”. Same is with” Life” ..which starts showing on our face!…every wrinkle has an experience to share….n this pic. clearly shows that sometimes we all do sit back n look back into our MEMORIES!!…..the times gone by!!!!!..The eyes too speak so!!!…”THIS IS LIFE”.
    Great work!!!…keep goin!!! cauz you too have a lot to share with all of us, thru ur work….
    God Bless !!!!

  2. OK, you have been busy! I love the red man, the minimal-ness and all the expression that is still very right there, you kn0w? I love the blue laminated work too, OMG that one rocks. And the Goddess work is exceptional, I like the energy lines and the way is is de-constructed yet still whole. I enjoy the energy and soul that I see in your work, but it’s the stories they tell [the art] that intrigue me the most. I feel as if I know these faces, these people…as if I’ve know them all along, dreams I have had, lives I have seen. Awareness of what is seen and what is just beyond the edge of awareness. Thanks for that.

  3. This is gorgous Michael. Very elegant.

    I hope your ready for our Challege tomorrow.
    “Le Ballon Rouge.”

  4. Thanks umesh,
    You speak so much truth. I’m diggin’ it! Thank you for the validation and encouragement. Many blessings to you as well!

  5. Wow, many thanks returned Heather! I really enjoy seeing your work too! It resonates with me deeper than words, which is rare, but comfortable in the absence of immediacy… again rare, for me. It kindles a feeling like I need to write poetry to express the effect….. the colors. Whew! Thanks again for stopping by, I’m adding your site to my Blogroll. 🙂

  6. Wonderfully done. Excellent rendering of the ‘old man’. But he’s not lost in thought. He’s lost in remembering – what was, what HE was, what he had, what he wishes he could have again. That’s what I see in that old man’s eyes.

  7. Great stuff. I particularly like this one since there is no facial outline or limits (and then again, perhaps there are; left to the imagination). I was directed to your site by Victoria North who has been tutoring me on art. Now recognize your participation in the jealousy challenge, resulting in the green eyed figure. If I remember correctly, jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins. Have you interpreted any of the others?

  8. Thanks Logistician! Imagination it is! 😉
    Your question is intriguing… I may have interpreted other sins without knowing it, but now that I’m aware, it may become a new conscious direction… Thank you for that. Your blog is also very enlightening, in particular the ease with which you share personal experience. You’re an eye-opener to me. 🙂

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