Drawing and Painting of a Chihuahua Dog

This is a drawing / painting of a Chihuahua, created in 2008 with Pen, Ink, Markers, Paint Pens, and Watercolor mediums. The artwork is approximately 9″x12″, and expresses the energy and vibrancy of the Chihuahua dog breed through frantic line work and bold colors in a slightly abstract impressionistic style. The pervasive white background breathes consistency through the entire drawing / painting and helps to maintain a sense of fragility and lightness. Meanwhile the pup’s darkly colored eyes reflect the strength and determination of this unique animal.

Drawing and Painting of a Chihuahua Dog

12 Replies to “Drawing and Painting of a Chihuahua Dog”

  1. Hi summer,
    Thank you for commenting, but I enjoy the color very much. It adds a vitality and unique style to the drawing, and is a reflection of my joy for dogs and life. 😉

  2. I love your Chihuahua..very, very nice! Is your Chihuahua painting big? And is it for sale?

    Thank you, Virginia

  3. Hi Virginia,
    Thank your for your encouragement and interest in my artwork. I have emailed you privately in regards to the answers to your questions.

  4. Michael,

    Is the Chichuahua still available? I see the note above on this page that someone else inquired. What would be the price? Could you do a black Chihuahua?

  5. Hi Jack,

    Thanks for your interest in my artwork. I have emailed you privately in response to your questions.


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