Freestyle Dance – Exercise the Demons

A different kind of art. Visual. Moving. Inspired by the sound of “Ghosts N’ Stuff” by Deadmau5.

I enjoy dancing freestyle a lot, or just moving my body around and improvising the flow. I’m not trained in dance, but from the movement I feel an immediate release of energy in a visceral, emotional, and creative way. I have been dancing a bit more for my exercise lately. Dance and Yard Work… my therapy. 😉

3 Replies to “Freestyle Dance – Exercise the Demons”

  1. Mmmmkay, that was actually GOOD! I bet you have like a million hits on Youtube, right?! LOL teach me 🙂 So I was looking at your art in the right hand corner, I wanted to know are these are done originally by you?do you have a twitter account, maybe we can follow each other 😉
    and check out my digital art gallery;


  2. ive prolly watched this a million times by my self…thank you stumbleupon.

    i my self am not a dancer but a musician, i feel like i can relate to this tho…amazing.

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