Colorful Portraits of Man and Woman Drawn with Markers

These two colorful portraits of a woman and a man were drawn with markers in 2002, and are approximately 8″ x 5″. Both portraits were drawn in a very loose and expressive style with unconventional color palettes to create tension. The expressions on their faces also provide insight about the uneasiness of the art. Colorful markers of varying thicknesses and shades of grey were used to layer the shapes and colors of each drawing in stages. In some places the markers started to run out of ink, so the same colors from fresh markers were applied over faded areas. This helps to create more depth in the shadows. Also, the vivid oranges and reds bring a heightened energy and intensity to the portraits and offsets the darker areas.

A Colorful Portrait of a Woman Drawn with Markers

A Colorful Portrait of a Man Drawn with Markers

11 Replies to “Colorful Portraits of Man and Woman Drawn with Markers”

  1. I love your artwork, it’s really inspiring.

    I’m searching artists for my GCSE coursework and final peice and i really want to use your work as an example of what i am aiming towards. I hope thats ok?

    Please could you explain a little how you exactly do such great final peices?

    Thank You

  2. i really really love your drawings! they come to life which many artists’ can’t capture. amazig work!

  3. I just came upon this site. I’m getting such a energy boost!!!! I am really enjoying the artist line weight and just the energy from the works!


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