Colorful Abstract Skull Sketches

Theses are abstract drawings of skulls, sketched with markers, watercolors, paint pens, and artist tape. The acid free tape was layered over the eyes of the more abstracted green swirly drawing. A bandaged or mummified appearance hasn’t translated as thoroughly to the digital reproduction. The skull drawings use basic shapes of color, subtle lines of structure, and semi-opaque washes of watercolor sketched quickly and energetically. A white paint pen is also used to add interesting hot spots of washed out color and blur lines that intensify the subtle illusion of movement.

A Quick Sketch of a Colorful Abstract Skull

Abstract Sketch of a Mummified Skull Face

5 Replies to “Colorful Abstract Skull Sketches”

  1. These are wild Michael. Complete opposite yet similar in that they both draw you into the center. Nice work.

    You know, I still find myself scrolling down to the tree. I love the different values of subtle line in the background. That’s really a beautiful piece.

  2. Thanks Vikki!
    It’s so funny you mention the tree again. The personal part is that I drew it for my parents when I visited them this past summer. The same tree was also the first thing I sketched from life 15 years ago when I began this conscious journey into art. I walked outside with some charcoal and was like “I’m gonna draw that tree!” There was something peacefully cyclical about it the second time, like no time had passed at all.

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