Charcoal Drawing of Asian Architecture Silhouetted by a Sunset

This charcoal drawing of Asian architecture silhouetted by a sunset was drawn in 1998. Deep reds, oranges, and yellows were blended across the background. The chalky pastels were rubbed back and forth and then dark blue and black lines were added to create a unique style in the sky. Quick and energetic lines and squiggles were drawn with black charcoal to create the hilltop and Asian architecture in the foreground. The charcoal was then smudged and drawn again to further reinforce the depth of the shadows. While the intense red colors and black lines in the sky add a certain tension to the artwork, the overall composition of the black and red shapes of the foreground and background encourage a harmonious balance with reversed symmetry.

Charcoal Drawing of Asian Architecture Silhouetted by a Sunset

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  1. i`m an art student in american universtiy in the UAE.
    am intrest to charcole sketches and pastel,..
    if you can send me news and some hints really appreciate that.

  2. Hi paris,
    I would recommend searching on for more resources. There may be some websites that can provide the information you are looking for. Good luck with your artistic pursuits! 🙂

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