Charcoal Drawing of a Bonsai Tree and Sun

This charcoal drawing of a bonsai tree with the sun in the background was sketched in 1998. A tension is created between the contrast of soft pastels used for the background sky, sun, and atmosphere, and the crisp dark silhouette of the bonsai tree and rocky landscape. The soft orange and pink sun was drawn first, and then surrounded by the blue sky. The cliffs and rocks were drawn next with charcoal, with the bonsai tree itself loosely sketched after that. Blue highlights were added to the rock face, and more energetic lines were utilized to sketch the twigs and branches of the tree.

Charcoal Drawing of a Bonsai Tree and Sun

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  1. I like how the colors complement them selfโ€™s so while from the sun to the sky. Great piece of work.

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