Blue and Red Abstract Faces

These are two drawings of abstract faces, one with primarily blue colors, and the other with primarily red colors. The blue face is approximately 9″ x 12″, drawn with pens, colored pencils, paint pens, and painted with watercolors. The red face is approximately 8″ x 10″, drawn with pens, markers, paint pens, and colored pencils.

Abstract Drawing and Painting of a Blue Face

Abstract Drawing of a Red Face

6 Replies to “Blue and Red Abstract Faces”

  1. Hello Michael, i am a student who is studying gcse art at the moment. i am getting a shcolarship exam during november, so i want to improve my art skills. i am really impressed with your work. and i am wondering do you accept any tutoring. Can you reply me asap please 🙂 thank you very much


  2. Hi Abby,
    I’m glad to hear you are working towards scholarship for your art, and am impressed by your initiative to learn more. I have responded to your request for tutoring privately via email.

    Thank you for your interest in my artwork, and good luck with your artistic pursuits!


  3. Hi Michael, i am an aspiration artist , an your art work has given me new avenues to venture into . what u are doing , has given me new found inspiration and i thank you . i wound like to find out if you can tutor me , in your techniques and styles. do hope you can help me out and again , i thank you.

  4. Hello Michael, your artwork really serves as an inspiration to many people. keep up the good work. thanks for this post. God Bless!

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