Big Blue Eyed Character Study

This drawing of a face was created with watercolor, pen, ink, markers, and crayon.

Big Blue Eyed Character Study

I knew I wanted some big eyes as I sat down to draw another face. I was feeling colorfully muted today, and it came across in the character study.

Here is a detail from the drawing.


After sketching in some lines and blocking in some color, I started with some bold blue eyes. I built up some patterns and layers around the face, and eventually went back to the eyes with some more color. Various sections of the painting took a few washes of water for shading, and to dull the edges of the squiggly red lines.

42 Replies to “Big Blue Eyed Character Study”

  1. Hi Nat, Thank you for the kind comment. I appreciate it very much and will hopefully post more some day.

  2. omg this is amazing
    i am in my art lesson at school
    and i am looking for images to do criticle studies of, i am deffiatly using this!
    good work!!
    i cant wait till i can produce work like that! x

  3. Thank you for the complimentary words Shannon, I appreciate it. Good luck with your art and lessons.

  4. this picture is absolutely awesome!!
    i really like it,
    im researching portraits in my art lessons and i am definetly using this!
    Ill be trying to do it myself but it will be no way near as good as yours
    This has got to be the best abstract portrait i have seen in my life…
    keep it up 🙂

  5. Hi Tom, thank you for the encouraging comments, you are very kind. I am glad you found the portrait inspiring, and wish you good luck in your research and artistic pursuits.

  6. Omg this is really good.
    Like all the different types of media used. its well good.
    Im gunna like try recreate it myself, but it will nowhere near as good :]

  7. as i did promise….
    this is my attempt
    although compared with yours it is quite pathetic, but i am rather proud of it, also being my first attempt and only having on paintbrush to do it in.

    i hope you like it =)

  8. Hi Tom, your painting is fantastic. I see deep emotion in the face, and the eyes are really stunning. Your brush work is wonderful too, very loose and energetic. I hope you enjoyed experimenting with the style. 🙂

  9. thank you for the comments michael, they were very inspiring.
    I will more than likely try this portrait again, but next time i’ll make sure i have different sizes of brushes and more paint =)

  10. OMG, as an artist that mainly stays with ink, pen, ink and watercolor, this is amazing!! Youve actually really inspired me. Im going to try and mimick this style, its really amazing!!!

  11. the deep blue was a great color to choose, and so was the yellow sarrounding the blue, and the randome splashes of red, they really bring out the expretion in the persons face!!!!

  12. Hi jessica,
    Thanks for your comment! I’ve responded to your email address privately about sharing the artwork.

  13. hey, I really like this, I’m using it for my art assignment if you don’t mind.

    But if I could ask how big it is, it would make my life so much easier 🙂

  14. Thanks Ebony. The artwork is drawn on an 8″ x 10″ piece of paper.

    Good luck with your art assignment! 🙂

  15. This work is honestly an inspiration! I am defenetly using this as contextual research in my art journal! Only, who is the artist behind the brilliance?

  16. I came across your art last year in art class at school. I have used you as a reference artist ever since. You are one of my favourite artists ever, good luck!

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